About Your Wedding Dj

Entertainment is Mike's speciality!

The classic party and personality DJ is the make or break of any event, not too much chat on the mic, but enough to engage the room and encourage those more shy members onto the floor.

Mike has worked hard to be able to build the best of atmospheres in any room...Add to that, a playlist that you will help to create a winning night to remember.

He can also mix perfectly blending the songs all night long! No gaps on his watch, no sitting down either.

Award Winning

Mike has earned a good reputation as a friendly and entertaining DJ not only at all the events and parties he has played at but with fellow DJ's and entertainers.

He has performed in and around the South West of England and Spain developing just the right skills to make every night fun and memorable.

He also had his own radio show here in Bristol (BCFM) that focused just on weddings providing a great insight for couples planning on tying the knot that was filled with hints, tips and professional advice gained over years of real experience!

He is a personality and mixing Dj that loves to have fun while all along making sure the focus is with you and your guests. If you are looking to find someone who will help you get the best out of your special day and night, he will be on hand and ready to help guide you.

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