About Your Wedding Dj

Entertainment is Mike's speciality!

The classic party and personality DJ is the make or break of any event, not too much chat on the mic, but enough to engage the room and encourage those more shy members onto the floor.

Mike has worked hard to be able to build the best of atmospheres in any room...Add to that, a playlist that you will help to create a winning night to remember.

He can also mix perfectly blending the songs all night long! No gaps on his watch, no sitting down either.

Award Winning

Mike has earned a good reputation as a friendly and entertaining DJ not only at all the events and parties he has played at but with fellow DJ's and entertainers.

He has performed in and around the South West of England and Spain developing just the right skills to make every night fun and memorable.

He also had his own radio show here in Bristol (BCFM) that focused just on weddings providing a great insight for couples planning on tying the knot that was filled with hints, tips and professional advice gained over years of real experience!

He is a personality and mixing Dj that loves to have fun while all along making sure the focus is with you and your guests. If you are looking to find someone who will help you get the best out of your special day and night, he will be on hand and ready to help guide you.

What Makes Mike Tick

Q: How did it all begin for you, and then what?

I was 18 and had just had the best 18th Birthday party ever provided by a DJ my dad knew, I got to know him went along to a few gigs and that was it I was hooked. I took every opportunity to practice and perform alongside him, we even ended up winning Mobile Disco of the Year at one point as voted for by Galaxy FM's listeners if you can remember that far back now more recognised as KISS FM. - The 80s were a special time for me. I also have worked Radio, Clubs, and larger events around the globe.

Q: What make's you special above any other DJ's we see online?

Passion, Fun, reliability, Attention to every detail, A Proven successful track record in Weddings, oh and The money back guarantee promise (YOU WILL LIKE ALL I DO, OR YOUR MONEY BACK), and I can mix your music well (no gaps throughout the night, and no sitting down on my watch).

Q: How many Wedding's have you done? And how many do you do a year?

Well the number of Weddings over my career has been well in excess of 1000, BUT I now only take on about 15 - 20 each year which gives me time to focus on each one properly, based on around 25+ hours or preparation and meetings per event.

Q: What is a Wedding Host?

The Wedding Host idea came over from America and is a version of an English Toastmaster but far less formal. We are there the whole day from first guest arriving to last dance of the night. If you would really like to know how this works ask to meet me I will be more than happy to explain all and if you like the great things we do then maybe we can work together.

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