Exceptional Wedding Host And Entertainer

Why Do I Need A Wedding Host?

First things first, what is a Host you ask? Well they are our version of an English Toastmaster but not as formal. A host does not wear the red coat, but his job is just as important but a little more fun, they do all of the following.

  • Look after the Bride and Groom throughout the day.
  • Inform guests what is happening and make sure they are where they need to be.
  • Assist the Venue staff and help keep the day on track.
  • Look after the Ceremony music and introduce the Bridal party.
  • MC the Wedding breakfast and music.
  • Provide mic and sound for speeches.
  • Introductions and inspirational interactions for all to enjoy.
No Stress

A Happy Wedding Day

No fuss, no stress just a happy Wedding day for all. The host will then take you and the rest of your family and friends seamlessly into the days celebrations and on to the end of the night. A wedding host can be with you the whole day and night, just the day, or even just the night.

Mike is an excellent trained MC and DJ, with his easy manner and friendly style will always be a winner...And as has been said so many times to his face!

"Every Wedding needs a Mike, what more can we say"

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